Santa's surprise during Christmas 2011 was the introduction of a so called alternater fire that is triggered by pressing the scope button (default Right Mouse Button). The exact release circumstances can be found the in Christmas article.


Icon Pilfered
Description Type Specification
3212.png Empty Item Icon M16-203 Battle Rifle Sub-Machine Gun
(Grenade Launcher)
Short Range
Fast Speed
3213.png Empty Item Icon AK74-30 Battle Rifle
3221.png Empty Item Icon Max's Magnified MG Machine Gun
(Grenade Launcher)
Short Range
Fast Speed
3220.png Empty Item Icon Dylan's Destructive Duplex
3219.png Empty Item Icon Barrie's Barrel-o-Mania Pistol
Long Range
Slow Speed
3218.png Empty Item Icon Coen's Combined Crusher


  • The Workbench handles the alternate fire as permanent, unreplacable addon in the according tab.

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