Image Name Comment
46.png Joey's Juice Box Unknown
117.png Diggle's Delivery Satchel Unknown
134.png Back Sack Unknown
150.png Waist Ammo Belt Released
168.png Jungle Cutter Unknown
176.png Hill's Hip Packs Unknown
182.png Leather Whip Released
195.png Heavy Waist Helmet Released
204.png Royal Mine Released
243.png Unknown Unreleased
383.png Unknown Unreleased
470.png Hipolito's Desperado Holster Unknown
535.png Ninja's Sigh Unknown
920.png Unknown Unreleased
921.png Unknown Unreleased
922.png Unknown Unreleased
923.png Soldier's Pharmacy Unknown
929.png Sloan's Survival Knife Unknown
1145.png Rusty's Wrench Unknown
1318.png Dullahan's Cunning Rare
Image Name Comment
47.png Accessory Bag Unknown
119.png Back Sack Released
135.png Messenger's Bag Unknown
135.png Messenger's Bag Unknown
151.png Waist Ammo Belt Released
172.png Riding Whip Unknown
177.png Fanny Pack Unknown
196.png Polished Waist Helmet Released
242.png Hip Bag Unknown
438.png Unknown Unreleased
439.png Unknown Unreleased
505.png Veteran’s Leg Bandage Released
1319.png Hessian Handbag Rare

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