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Outdated BandagesEdit

Before Christmas 2009 some more variety in Bandages was given. They were cheaper and healed a less amount. Those who used Bandages to cancel Burning Bullets were enraged, because they had to buy the expensive Supreme Bandage. Some players still have a small amount left on their accounts, because those weren't removed from the game, just put out of the game store. The main reason for the removal might be a improved oversight and unification (or a higher disposal of Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants).

2001.png Crude Bandage Restores a minor portion of your health over time.
2002.png Regular Bandage Restores a small portion of your health over time.
2003.png Fine Bandage Restores a portion of your health over time.
2004.png Splendid Bandage Restores a large portion of your health over time.

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