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Mentioned on a twitch live stream by the Battlefield Heroes developers on 11th September 2013, they also would love to see a new release of Battlefield Heroes in the future. This doesn't mean this will ever come true!. now that the game is closed there HAVE to be another battlefield heroes but i do wonder when/


Game engineEdit

The current Refractor 2 engine got outdated with time and ain't up to the current standards. Some bugs simply cannot be fixed due engine limits.


A better implementation of female heroes, a flash-less menu, widescreen support, VoIP could be possible to name a few.


The weapon history is clearly stamped by the according producer and very inconsistent in overall. Weapon skins could be available over all ranges (we miss stylish weapons at certain ranges for example) and upgraded to super/uber stats as example. Gunners could get rid of their Pirate Pistal that it can be buffed again for long range for the other two classes. Btw it's the only Pistol available to Gunners, a complete nonsense break of the system.

The fuels widgets could be merged together to give them a more meanful purpose.

A backend cleanup regarding the code, naming convention and unused files wouldn't hurt either...



It requires as much work as to develop a complete new game, so much money and many employees have to be put aside to get this done.


Will the players keep their inventory? Do they keep their stats? Will only some items be replaced/removed/added? What happens to the Funds? Will the old game kept running?


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