For the new currency, see Play4Free Funds.

Battlefunds are an in-game currency within Battlefield Heroes that is purchased for real world money and allows players to access certain exclusive Items. They also give players the ability to purchase items for longer periods of time and even allow them to be permanently purchased. Battlefunds must be bought in blocks of 700 ($5 USD).

Some exclusive items include:

Battlefund Small Most Clothes and Emotes
Battlefund Small All modern and stylish weapons exept the Grenade Launcher
Battlefund Small VP Boost and XP Boost

Battlefunds are, by far, the most controversial aspect of the game. Only a few weapons bought with Valor Points last forever, so if one wishes to have one continuously, they must either play for extensive periods of time or bust out the wallet. Those who do not have a lot of time to play the game and save up Valor Points will find that Battlefield Heroes can potentially be a very expensive hobby.

Payment OptionsEdit

Items can be purchased for a limited duration of time or permanently with the exception of widgets. Widgets are available as package of a certain number of uses, like the Repair widget, or available for a time duration, like the XP Boost widget.

Payment MethodsEdit

Paypal: Players can use their paypal account to buy Battlefunds. This is only recomended to people who don't have a credit card, and only have money in bank account or from reward sites. This is because paypal charge you for seperatly every time you purchase something.

Credit Card: Master, Visa, or American Express cards are accepted, as well as prepaid credit card or gift card. If you are buying with a prepaid card like Vanialla prepaid Mastercard; make sure that you fill in your billing information (zip/postal code) on your prepaid card site and when you purchase battlefunds fill in the same billing adress as the one you put on the prepaid card site or else the payment will not go through. This is because Battle Field Heroes is trying to verify the address with your mastercard company before the transaction.

Paysafecard : These can be found in gas stations like Esso. The card is only available in most European countries and North America. For more information on where to buy it please visit

EA Game Card: This is only avialible in certain areas of the United States. You can buy them from Blockbuster, Best Buy, Target, Game Stop, TOYS "R" US, Safe Way, Seven Eleven, and Wallmart. You can redeem your card on the EA site or BattlefieldHeroes site and the money goes in to your EA account balance. You can also use this to buy anygames on the EA site.

Paymo SMS: If you don't have a credit card, wallie card, a paypal account or a EA cash card this is your only option left to get battlefunds. You need only your cellphone for this option, and will be charge from your phone account by sending text message back to Paymo to comfirm your purchase. This option is more expansive than the others and the maxium purchase each time is $10.

VP Exchange RateEdit

You can't buy BF with VP and the other way around. But you can do a small comparison. The average worth of one 1 BF is about 30 VP.


Super/Uber Weapons:
1 Day: 450 VP
14 Days = 210 BF
→ 14 Days: 6300 VP
→ 1 Day = 15 BF

⇒ 1BF = 30VP

10 Bandages = 100 VP
50 Bandages = 35 BF
→ 50 Bandages = 500 VP = 35 BF

⇒ 1BF = 20 VP

Throwing Knife:
5 Knives = 250 VP
45 Knives = 150 BF
→ 45 Knives = 2250 VP = 150 BF

⇒ 1BF = 15 VP

5 Balls = 200 VP
50 Balls = 140 BF
→ 50 Balls = 2000 VP = 140 BF

⇒ 1BF = 14,3 VP

Play4Free Funds Edit

13th January 2012 Battlfunds were replaced by the Play4Free wide currency Play4Free Funds for BFH, BF:P4F and LoU. NFSW will follow later and Battleforge and WoH are excluded.

Conversion Rate: Battlefund x 6 = P4F Funds

The new prices aren't even numbers anymore. Instead of 100 Funds an item costs 99 Funds and such old and well known store gimmicks. Another interesting aspect is that the Fund prices in $ were raised, in € and £ they dropped, this happend because of tax adaptions.

Furthermore the costs for new hero slots were increased by 300% from 140BF to 2500 Funds. Had no sense at all as most freeplayers will simply create an alternative account instead.