History of the Black MarketEdit

Black Market Weapons Highlight

On May 19th 2010, a new series of battlefunds weapons were released for the Royal Army and the National Army which were collectively termed the 'Black Market Weapons' together with following series. They were the Standard Weapons from the opposing faction, allowing the Royals to use the Nationals Weapons and vice versa with the Royal's Weapons.

This is purely a cosmetic addition, as weapons of both factions differ only in appearance, and thus the Black Market weapons have identical statistics to the weapons of the teams they are being sold to. But it's worth to buy them if you want to equip dual wielded with the exactly same weapons instead of a combination of a first Tier and a second Tier version.

The Dapper and Stylish Weapons followed soon after, on the 25th May.

Later on in the Football Fiesta, the Second Tier weapons were released for the opposing faction including the Super and Uber Weapons and Bad Company 2 Weapons.

Overall the Royals gained the "Pilfered Weapons" and the Nationals gained the "Stolen Weapons". Read more on Pilfered and Stolen Weapons.


  • In spite of the faction the weapon was originally used for, a National using a Royal weapon uses the same animations as using a National weapon (and vice versa). Since Royals tend to fire weapons from the waist, they use National weapons the same way. Conversely, the Nationals' tendencies to fire from the shoulder causes them to use the oft-overlooked stock on many weapons. In spite of appearances, bullets are all generated at the same height, meaning that there is no (dis)advantage upon either faction.
  • The Black Market series is the largest series of weapons in the game, because it consists entirely of the other faction's weapons with an adjective pretaining to being stolen from the "correct" faction.

Black FridayEdit

There has been a "Black Friday" sale from Nov 22 - 29 2010 when Super and Uber Weapons were 40% off! This includes the Stolen and Pilfered models as well!