Action Heroes

10th August 2010 Bruce and Sly bring some new action, new Widgets such as throwing knives or exploding fuel tornisters are finished off with cool gunslinger and knife shave Emotes.



Burly Bruce Mega Bundle
Image Name Slot
1241.png Burly Bruce's Haircut Head
1242.png Burly Bruce's Smokin' Shades Face
1245.png Burly Bruce's Torn Body Body
1244.png Burly Bruce's Worn Top Body
1243.png Burly Bruce's Brawns Chest
1246.png Burly Bruce's Arm Wear Hands
1247.png Burly Bruce's Jeans Legs
1248.png Burly Bruce's Shoes Feet
1249.png Burly Bruce's Load Accessory
1250.png Burly Bruce's Accessory Waist
2165.png Bruce's Bash Widget
2167.png Bruce's Firebomb Widget
2169.png Bruce's Brutal Blade Widget
5041.png Gunslinger Emote



Savage Sly Mega Bundle
Image Name Slot
1251.png Savage Sly's Beret Head
1252.png Savage Sly's Scratch Face
1255.png Savage Sly's Stained Ink Body
1254.png Savage Sly's Tattered Top Body
1253.png Savage Sly's Sinews Chest
1256.png Savage Sly's Cloth Strips Hands
1257.png Savage Sly's Trousers Legs
1258.png Savage Sly's Boots Feet
1259.png Savage Sly's Blades Accessory
1260.png Savage Sly's Backup Waist
2166.png Sly's Sucker-Punch Widget
2168.png Sly's Super Bomb Widget
2170.png Sly's Savage Knife Widget
5040.png Knife Shave Emote


Battlefield Heroes - Action Heroes02:16

Battlefield Heroes - Action Heroes

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