Agent Sets Highlight

With a short delay the Moon theme continues from 15th August on with the alien hunter Agents in donning suits. Those smooth and hard boiled heroes wear some interesting and stylish weaponery.

Agent Cobb is the man that gets deployed by the RBPI when the job in question requires a certain degree of discretion. No questions asked.

Become Agent Eks' - one of the top agents of the NBPI (The National Bureau of Paranormal Investigation). Agent Eks' top mission is to beat the Royal counter organization, the RBPI to any alien technology that may be out there.



Agent Cobb Set
Image Name Slot
941.png Cobb's Backslick Head
903.png Cobb's Cool Glasses Face
856.png Dark Grey Tie Neck
857.png Blue Starched Shirt Body
859.png Cobb's Pinstripe Suit Chest
840.png Cobb's Leather Gloves Hands
858.png Cobb's Pinstripe Suit Pants Legs
946.png Cobb's Classy Dress Shoes Feet
841.png Cobb's Pinstripe Vest Chest
842.png Cobb's Pinstripe Jacket Chest
909.png Cobb's Undershoulder Pieces Accessory
904.png Cobb's Shady Earpiece Face
910.png Cobb's Black Suspenders Accessory



Agent Eks Set
Image Name Slot
886.png Agent Hair Head
865.png Agent Eks' Glasses Face
870.png Pinned Black Tie Neck
861.png Starched White Shirt Body
878.png Agent Eks' Jacket Chest
873.png Agent Eks' Pants Legs
881.png Black Classy Dress Shoes Feet
867.png Agent Eks' Vest Chest
875.png Agent Eks' Jacket with Vest Chest
879.png Burgundy Pinstriped Suit Jacket Chest


Battlefield Heroes - Hardboiled Heroes02:42

Battlefield Heroes - Hardboiled Heroes

  • Agent K and Agent J from MIB III gave major inspiration to the theme together with AlterKyan's suggestion and TPangolin's drawings.
  • People had voted on which theme they would like to see in the next release, answering the delay. Suits (taken from actual Vote option) had got first place in the vote, giving a reason to release the theme.


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