The follow up of the Bundles/Robots 2 starting from 22nd February 2013. The Otherworldly's and Xenophrenic's Psionic set could be found in the Intergalactic Drop while the Otherworldly Mutant's and Xenophrenic's set were available by purchasing the Cryo Pods.


Otherworldly Set
Image Name Slot
Otherworldly Set
10044.png Otherworldly Helmet Head
10039.png Otherworldly Head Neck
10040.png Otherworldly Body Chest
10041.png Otherworldly Pants Legs
10042.png Otherworldly Boots Feet
10043.png Otherworldly Hands Hands
10045.png Otherworldly Belt Waist
10046.png Otherworldly ATS Accessory
Otherworldly Mutant Set
10047.png Otherworldly Mutant Head Neck
10051.png Otherworldly Mutant Body Chest
10052.png Otherworldly Mutant Hands Hands
10050.png Otherworldly Mutant Legs Legs
10048.png Otherworldly Mutant ATS-II Accessory
10049.png Otherworldly Mutant Belt Waist
10065.png Royal Alien Award Accessory


Xenophrenic Set
Image Name Slot
Xenophrenic's Set
10038.png Xenophrenic's Head Neck
10035.png Xenophrenic's Body Chest
10037.png Xenophrenic's Hands Hands
10036.png Xenophrenic's Legs Legs
Xenophrenic's Psionic Set
10064.png Xenophrenic's Psionic Head Neck
10072.png Xenophrenic's Psionic Barehead Neck
10059.png Xenophrenic's Psionic Suit Chest
10062.png Xenophrenic's Psionic Hands Hands
10060.png Xenophrenic's Psionic Pants Legs
10061.png Xenophrenic's Psionic Boots Feet
10063.png Xenophrenic's Psionic Thingy Waist
10066.png National Alien Award Accessory


Battlefield Heroes - Aliens02:44

Battlefield Heroes - Aliens


  • The national set (Xenopheric Psionic set) is based on Megamind - the main character of the same film.
  • Aliens were indicated in the Robots V2 Trailer.
  • These were the first sets to be distributed within Supply Drops at the start of a theme. Usually the sets are available in the store.
  • The medals were not sold along with the sets, but handed out to players who were active during the release time.
  • A special reward, possibly a 3-medal set, for those who have all 3 medals from all releases (Robots, Aliens and Bikers) has been mentioned.[1]



  1. "March Update", March 18, 2013. Retrieved May 3, 2013.

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