Christmas 2013 Arctic Giants

First appeared on 10th of December as part of Christmas 2013.



Seb's Survivalist Set
Image Name Slot
10404.png Seb's Survivalist Faceguard Face
10405.png Seb's Survivalist Jacket Body
10409.png Seb's Survivalist Handguards Hands
10407.png Seb's Survivalist Legwear Legs
10408.png Seb's Survivalist Footwear Feet
10406.png Seb's Survivalist Gear Accessory



Theo's Thermal Set
Image Name Slot
10428.png Theo's Thermal Protection Head
10422.png Theo's Thermal Facewear Face
10423.png Theo's Thermal Jacket Chest
10424.png Theo's Thermal Handguards Hands
10425.png Theo's Thermal Legwear Pants
10427.png Theo's Thermal Footgear Feet
10426.png Theo's Thermal Gear Accessory


  • In the background, Juggernaut from Battle Forge can be seen. Battle Forge was an RTS game released in 2009, later became Free to Play and was closed on 31st of October 2013.


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