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Released in conjunction with the release of Capture the Flag/Lunar Landing. To be followed by Spaceman and Galactic sets.



Astronaut's Set
Image Name Slot
1759.png Astronaut's Visor Helmet Head
1760.png Astronaut's Upper Assembly Chest
1764.png Astronaut's Universal Gloves Hands
1761.png Astronaut's Lower Assembly Legs
1762.png Astronaut's Lunar Boots Feet
1763.png Astronaut's Tool Belt Waist



Kosmonaut's Set
Image Name Slot
1747.png Kosmonaut's Visor Helmet Head
1748.png Kosmonaut's Upper Assembly Chest
1751.png Kosmonaut's Universal Gloves Hands
1750.png Kosmonaut's Lower Assembly Legs
1752.png Kosmonaut's Lunar Boots Feet
1749.png Kosmonaut's Tool Belt Waist


Battlefield Heroes - Heroes have landed on the Moon!03:13

Battlefield Heroes - Heroes have landed on the Moon!

Heroes have landed on the Moon!

  • The National Cosmonaut was the first hero on the moon.
  • The Royal Astronaut claimed the moon as his territory. This action broke the armistice again that actually took place since 5 full minutes.
  • Both brought their weapons with them while being on a peaceful operation to the moon.


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