Astronaut Alternate Highlights

Released in conjunction with the release of Capture the Flag/Lunar Landing.



Spaceman's Set
Image Name Slot
1727.png Spaceman's Helmet Head
1753.png Spaceman's Suit Chest
1756.png Spaceman's Gloves Hands
1754.png Spaceman's Legs Legs
1755.png Spaceman's Boots Feet
1757.png Spaceman's Sidearm Waist
1758.png Spaceman's PLS System Accessory
Green Spaceman
1765.png Spaceman's Green Helmet Head
1766.png Spaceman's Green Suit Chest
1769.png Spaceman's Green Gloves Hands
1767.png Spaceman's Green Legs Legs
1768.png Spaceman's Green Boots Feet
1770.png Spaceman's Green Sidearm Waist
Gray Spaceman
1771.png Spaceman's Gray Helmet Head
1772.png Spaceman's Gray Suit Chest
1775.png Spaceman's Gray Gloves Hands
1773.png Spaceman's Gray Legs Legs
1774.png Spaceman's Gray Boots Feet
1776.png Spaceman's Gray Sidearm Waist



Galactic Set
Image Name Slot
1728.png Galactic Helmet Head
1741.png Galactic Suit Chest
1744.png Galactic Gloves Hands
1743.png Galactic Legs Legs
1745.png Galactic Boots Feet
1742.png Galactic Sidearm Waist
1746.png Galactic PLS System Accessory
Red Galactic
1777.png Red Galactic Helmet Head
1778.png Red Galactic Suit Chest
1781.png Red Galactic Gloves Hands
1780.png Red Galactic Legs Legs
1782.png Red Galactic Boots Feet
1779.png Red Galactic Sidearm Waist
Purple Galactic
1783.png Purple Galactic Helmet Head
1784.png Purple Galactic Suit Chest
1787.png Purple Galactic Gloves Hands
1786.png Purple Galactic Legs Legs
1788.png Purple Galactic Boots Feet
1785.png Purple Galactic Sidearm Waist



  • The Red and Purple Galactic has some similarity to Galactus, a marvel comic figure. This effect is enforced by its name and assignment to the "rude" Nationals.
  • The Red and Green variations were relased 1 year after the release of Lunar Landing.


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