BC2 Haggard Kirilenko

The Bad Company items were released at the same time as Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the 16th March 2010, as part of a cross promotion. The Haggard and Kirilenko were equiped with the respective Bad Company 2 Weapons, 1 per class and faction. All bundles came with the new Sarge's Stamina Boost Widget.



Haggard's Heroic Set
Image Name Slot
1129.png Haggard's Heroic Hat Head
1130.png Haggard's Heroic Armor Chest
1131.png Haggard's Heroic Gloves Hands
1132.png Haggard's Heroic Pants Legs
1133.png Haggard's Heroic Boots Feet
1134.png Haggard's Heroic Pack Accessory
9040.png Sarge's Stamina Boost Widget



Kirilenko's Krafty Set
Image Name Slot
1135.png Kirilenko's Krafty Helmet Head
1136.png Kirilenko's Krafty Balaclava Face
1137.png Kirilenko's Krafty Protection Chest
1138.png Kirilenko's Krafty Mitten Hands
1139.png Kirilenko's Krafty Salopettes Legs
1140.png Kirilenko's Krafty Boots Feet
1141.png Kirilenko's Krafty Kit Accessory
9040.png Sarge's Stamina Boost Widget


Battlefield Heroes gets Bad Company01:47

Battlefield Heroes gets Bad Company

Battlefield Heroes gets Bad Company

  • The Royal set was called Haggard's Heroic, and was named after Haggard, a character in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 who aids Marlowe (the player) and the rest of Bravo Two Squad. Haggard was the comic relief character of Bad Company 2 and Bad Company 1, and was a dumb demolitions brute who contrasted with the smart and innocent Sweetwater, who is another member of Bravo Two.
  • The National set was called Kirilenko's Krafty, and was named after the main antagonist in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Kirilenko. Kirilenko was killed at the end of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and was a Russian trying to replicate Project Aurora, a weapon of mass destruction designed by the Japanese in World War 2.
  • No other two sets were longer in the Hot Deals section

Additional Bundles:

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