Biker National Highlight Biker Royal Highlight

Introducing the Metagame, the Bikers arrived at April 4th 2013 in their usual Bundle form with additional Papa's Bag supply drops.



Top Dog's Set
Image Name Slot
10076.png Top Dog's Greaser Head Head
651.png Top Dog's Striped Shirt Body
650.png Top Dog's Jacket Chest
654.png Top Dog's Biker Gloves Hands
734.png Top Dog's Belt Waist
652.png Top Dog's Jeans Legs
655.png Top Dog's Boots Feet
10067.png Royal Biker's Honor Accessory
10069.png Royal Epic Decoration Accessory
10090.png Wilbur the Warthog Accessory
649.png Top Dog's Hair Head
656.png Top Dog's Hat Head
658.png Top Dog's Vest Chest
659.png Top Dog's Heavyset Chest
660.png Top Dog's Authority Chest
661.png Top Dog's Shirt Body
662.png Top Dog's Artwork Body
663.png Top Dog's Shirt and Artwork Body
664.png Top Dog's Patched Pants Legs
665.png Top Dog's Flame Boots Feet
666.png Top Dog's Gloves Hands
667.png Top Dog's Glasses Face
668.png Top Dog's Ponytail Bandana Head
669.png Top Dog's Beard Face
670.png Top Dog's Face Face
735.png Top Dog's Biker Belt Waist
10073.png Top Dog's Ponytail Head
10074.png Top Dog's Bandana Head
10075.png Top Dog's Fur Body
10100.png Top Dog's Pointy Beard Face
10101.png Top Dog's Wolf Shirt Body
10102.png Top Dog's Head Scarf Head
10103.png Top Dog's Thick Beard Face
10104.png Top Dog's Tail Head
10105.png Top Dog's Rockstar Head Head



Ulrich's Untamed Set
Image Name Slot
677.png Ulrich's Untamed Goggle Helmet Head
635.png Ulrich's Untamed Face Face
675.png Ulrich's Untamed Scarf Neck
681.png Ulrich's Untamed Biker Shirt Body
672.png Ulrich's Untamed Jacket Chest
676.png Ulrich's Untamed Studded Gloves Hands
736.png Ulrich's Untamed Belt Waist
673.png Ulrich's Untamed Pants Legs
674.png Ulrich's Untamed Biker Boots Boots
10068.png National Biker's Honor Accessory
10070.png National Epic Decoration Accessory
10093.png Tintoretto the Turtle Accessory
678.png Ulrich's Untamed Helmet Head
679.png Ulrich's Untamed Glasses Face
680.png Ulrich's Untamed Mustasch Face
737.png Ulrich's Untamed Biker Belt Waist
738.png Ulrich's Untamed Vest Chest
739.png Ulrich's Untamed Thickset Chest
740.png Ulrich's Untamed Leverage Chest
741.png Ulrich's Untamed Shirt Body
742.png Ulrich's Untamed Tattoos Body
743.png Ulrich's Untamed Shirt and Tattoos Body
744.png Ulrich's Untamed Leather Pants Legs
745.png Ulrich's Untamed Gloves Hands
746.png Ulrich's Untamed Shades Face
747.png Ulrich's Untamed Earring Face
748.png Ulrich's Untamed Beard Face
749.png Ulrich's Untamed Biker Face Face
750.png Ulrich's Untamed Boots Feet
10085.png Ulrich's Untamed Chopper Face Face
10094.png Ulrich's Untamed Wolf Shirt Body
10095.png Ulrich's Untamed Doo Rag Head
10096.png Ulrich's Untamed Skull Scarf Face
10097.png Ulrich's Untamed Skull Helmet Head
10098.png Ulrich's Untamed Spikes Head
10099.png Ulrich's Untamed Scar Face


  • The three-in-one medal represented the collection of Robot, Alien and Biker medals. That previously were thought to be the only medals going to be released
Battlefield Heroes - War Room Trailer02:40

Battlefield Heroes - War Room Trailer

War Room Trailer with Bikers


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