Boxer Set Highlight

BFH celebrates Olympia with a couple of sportive sets, the second ones on 25th July 2012 (A month after BFH's 4th Birthday) after the Treck Sets.



Royal Boxer Set
Image Name Slot
948.png Face Injury Face
949.png Royal Boxer Gloves Hands
950.png Royal Boxer Shorts Feet
951.png Royal Boxer Shoes Feet



National Boxer Set
Image Name Slot
952.png Face Bruises Face
955.png National Boxer Gloves Hands
954.png National Boxer Shorts Legs
653.png National Boxer Shoes Feet


  • The caption on the royal shorts "AMAZING" is mirrored in the promotion while the national "ETERNAL" is displayed correctly.
  • Despite the promo shows that both boxers have got muscles equipped, no one are sold in the initial bundles.


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