Royal Pirate HighlightNational Pirate Highlight

One day before the official release of "Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides" these sets were put into the game the 18th May. Several hints in the Video and in the forum announced a Summer Of Heroes, that resembles much to most popular update ever called Heroes Of The Fall. Especially the Nationals took profit out of this update. There was an additional Treasure Chest containing several rare items for a cheap price only available to them.



Jack's Swashbuckler Set
Image Name Slot
1381.png Jack's Swashbuckler Hat Head
1382.png Jack's Swashbuckler Beard Face
1380.png Jack's Swashbuckler Coat Chest
1379.png Jack's Swashbuckler Gloves Hands
1378.png Jack's Swashbuckler Pants Legs
1377.png Jack's Swashbuckler Boots Feet
1383.png Jack's Swashbuckler Dual Pistols Accessory
1384.png Jack's Swashbuckler Sabre Waist
2177.png Jack's Detonating Brew Widget
3202.png Jack's Cloudmaker Weapon



Blackbeard's Buccaneer Set
Image Name Slot
1389.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Hat Head
1392.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Beard Face
1390.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Coat Chest
1388.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Hook Hands
1387.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Pants Legs
1386.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Boots Feet
1391.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Belt & Pistol Accessory
1393.png Blackbeard's Buccaneer Sabre Waist
2178.png Blackbeard's Detonating Brew Widget
3201.png Hector's Hatred Weapon


Summer of Heroes - Heroic Buccaneers!01:19

Summer of Heroes - Heroic Buccaneers!

  • Jack's Swashbuckler and Blackbeard's Buccaneer are both copies of the main characters of PotC 4 called Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard. The pose of Jack resembles to the one from Captain Morgan.
  • A shrinkenshred is part of Blackbeard's Sabre.
  • Blackbeard's Buccaneer Hook and Sabre are only available with the Treasure Chest.
  • The sound is quite similar to the PotC soundtrack.


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