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The parts were only available as Supply Drops after the release of the Civil War Corporals.


Corporal North's Set
Image Name Slot
10264.png Major North's Hat and Hair Head
10270.png Major North's Glory Hat Head
10271.png Major North's Glory Hair Head
10267.png Major North's Glory Beard Face
10266.png Major North's Glory Jacket Chest
10268.png Major North's Glory Gloves Hands
10265.png Major North's Glory Pants Legs
10261.png Major North's Glory Boots Feet
10262.png Major North's Glory Buckle Accessory
10269.png Major North's Glory Sword Waist
10263.png Major North's Glory Gear Waist
10272.png Major North's Glory Belt Waist


Major South's Set
Image Name Slot
10285.png Major South's Hat and Hair Head
10291.png Major South's Polished Hat Head
10292.png Major South's Polished Hair Head
10294.png Major South's Polished Beard Face
10295.png Major South's Polished Moustache Face
10288.png Major South's Polished Facial Hair Face
10296.png Major South's Polished Shirt Chest
10287.png Major South's Polished Jacket Chest
10289.png Major South's Polished Gloves Hands
10286.png Major South's Polished Pants Legs
10283.png Major South's Polished Boots Feet
10284.png Major South's Polished Gear Waist
10290.png Major South's Polished Sword Waist
10293.png Major South's Polished Belt Waist


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