Yag-Soguth and Kthalhu cultist sets have been released on 31st of October 2014 as part of Halloween 2014.



Kthalhu Cultist Set
Image Name Slot
10541.png Kthalhu Cultist Mitre Head
10539.png Kthalhu Cultist Mask Face
10540.png Kthalhu Cultist Robe Chest
10542.png Kthalhu Cultist Gloves Hands
10543.png Kthalhu Cultist Breeches Legs
10544.png Kthalhu Cultist Boots Feet
Kthalhu Follower Items
10530.png Kthalhu Cultist Bandana Face
10531.png Kthalhu Cultist Garb Chest



Yag-Soguth Cultist Set
Image Name Slot
10532.png Yag-Soguth Cultist Mask Face
10533.png Yag-Soguth Cultist Harness Body
10534.png Yag-Soguth Cultist Robe Chest
10536.png Yag-Soguth Cultist Gloves Hands
10535.png Yag-Soguth Cultist Belt Waist
10537.png Yag-Soguth Cultist Breeches Pants
10538.png Yag-Soguth Cultist Boots Feet
Yag-Soguth Follower Items
10528.png Yag-Soguth Cultist Warpaint Face
10529.png Yag-Soguth Cultist Garb Chest

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