Dead-Space 2

Along the new release of Dead Space 2 promoting clothing sets for BFH were released. They were sent to clean up the crazy battlefield clothing from Christmas 2010.



Titan Security
Image Name Slot
1341.png Titan Security Helmet Head
1337.png Titan Security Jacket Chest
1340.png Titan Security Gloves Hands
1338.png Titan Security Pants Legs
1339.png Titan Security Boots Feet
1342.png Titan Security Control Panel Accessory
2173.png Titan Security Thruster Fuel Widget



CEC Advanced Set
Image Name Slot
1335.png CEC Advanced Helmet Head
1331.png CEC Advanced Jacket Chest
1334.png CEC Advanced Gloves Hands
1332.png CEC Advanced Pants Legs
1333.png CEC Advanced Boots Feet
1336.png CEC Advanced Control Panel Accessory
2174.png CEC Advanced Thruster Fuel Widget


Dead Space Heroes01:42

Dead Space Heroes

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