Demon Sets Highlight

The fierce start of the new sets during Halloween 2012. Those well shaped demons scare you out of your skin together with their Pumpkin, Skeleton and the short out of Portals following Chaos and Darkness Demons.



Valac's Wicked Set
Image Name Slot
751.png Valac's Wicked Horns Head
765.png Valac's Wicked Cold Skin Face
753.png Valac's Wicked Vest Chest
758.png Valac's Wicked Gloves Hands
756.png Valac's Wicked Pants Legs
757.png Valac's Wicked Boots Feet
754.png Valac's Wicked Grenades Accessory
755.png Valac's Wicked Holster Waist



Torgoth's Torment Set
Image Name Slot
781.png Torgoth's Torment Horns Head
794.png Torgoth's Torment Skin Body
830.png Torgoth's Torment Outfit Chest
793.png Torgoth's Torment Gloves Hands
798.png Torgoth's Torment Pants Legs
782.png Torgoth's Torment Boots Feet
780.png Torgoth's Torment Belt Waist
778.png Torgoth's Torment High Horns Head
779.png Torgoth's Torment Lyre Horns Head


Battlefield Heroes - Heroes of Halloween 2012-002:29

Battlefield Heroes - Heroes of Halloween 2012-0

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