Horn and Skin Highlight

Some rare demonic items, two genes with standard demon horns were sold in the Hot Deals section with limited quantity (~200) on October 1st as final day of Halloween 2012. Also, another horns were findable in The Daily Claw. Before, rare genes and horns, were findable in Treasure Chests. There were also available Rare Pumpkin and Skeleton heads.



Demon of Chaos
Image Name Slot
764.png Demon of Chaos Long Horns Head
759.png Demon of Chaos Body Body
763.png Demon of Chaos Envy Gene Body
766.png Demon of Chaos Pride Gene Body
760.png Demon of Chaos Harness Chest
761.png Demon of Chaos Legs Legs
762.png Demon of Chaos Hands Hands
776.png Demon of Chaos Angry Horns Head
777.png Demon of Chaos Gotlander Horns Head



Demon of Darkness
Image Name Slot
799.png Demon of Darkness Rising Horns Head
775.png Demon of Darkness Greed Gene Body
797.png Demon of Darkness Wrath Gene Body
796.png Demon of Darkness Spikes Chest
802.png Demon of Darkness Hands Hands
803.png Demon of Darkness Legs Legs
800.png Demon of Darkness Wings Accessory
801.png Demon of Darkness Belt Waist



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