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Dr. Pepper Sets Juli-September 2010

The 3rd round of Dr. Pepper sponsored clothing.


Legionnair Set
Image Name Slot
1229.png Legionnaire's Headdress Head
1230.png Legionnaire's Khaki Shirt Body
1231.png Legionnaire's Guide Hands
1232.png Legionnaire's Chinos Legs
1233.png Legionnaire's Sand Boots Feet
1234.png Legionnaire's Aid Waist


Desert Fox Set
Image Name Slot
1235.png Desert Fox's Cap Head
1236.png Desert Fox's Kerchief Face
1237.png Desert Fox's Cheetah Wear Chest
1238.png Desert Fox's Slacks Legs
1239.png Desert Fox's Reptile Boots Feet
1240.png Desert Fox's Thigh Holster Waist


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  • Same sets are available to order in Amazon website, with funds and XP boost for 30 days. These packs are known as Starter Bundles (Only for customers located in the United States and who have a U.S. billing address).

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