Desperados Highlight

High noon at Battlefield Heroes, Desperados are here and fight in western clothes since 16th May 2012. Long-shot McGee has proven to be a real man of the West and thanks to him the roads are just a bit safer! Black Jack Bill has made a small fortune playing cards and he has the skills necessary to make sure no one takes it from him! Later the alternate sets followed with the Luchadores close behind.

Not to forget the Western Weapons, chair smack Widget and horse Emote.



Long-shot McGee's Set
Image Name Slot
1862.png Long-shot McGee's Hat and Hair Head
1863.png Long-shot McGee's Blue Scarf Neck
1865.png Long-shot McGee's Leather Jacket Chest
1884.png Long-shot McGee's Cowboy Gloves Hand
1869.png Long-shot McGee's White Pants Legs
1870.png Long-shot McGee's Cowboy Boots Feet
1867.png Long-shot McGee's Strapped Rifle Accessory
1868.png Long-shot McGee's Ammo and Holster Waist
1860.png Long-shot McGee's Leather Hat Head
1861.png Long-shot McGee's Cowboy Hair Head
1885.png Long-shot McGee's Facial Hair Face
1864.png Long-shot McGee's Blue Shirt Body
1866.png Long-shot McGee's Suspenders Chest
1887.png Long-shot McGee's Pyjama Shirt Chest
1886.png Long-shot McGee's Long-Johns Legs



Black Jack Bill's Set
Image Name Slot
1881.png Black Jack Bill's Cowboy Hat Head
1888.png Black Jack Bill's Facial Hair Face
1875.png Black Jack Bill's Vest and Shirt Chest
1812.png Black Jack Bill's Black Gloves Hands
1809.png Black Jack Bill's Cowboy Pants Legs
1811.png Black Jack Bill's Cowboy Boots Feet
1813.png Black Jack Bill's Double Holster Waist
1883.png Black Jack Bill's Sombrero Head
1814.png Black Jack Bill's Hat Head
1882.png Black Jack Bill's Hair Head
1810.png Black Jack Bill's Vest Chest
1877.png Black Jack Bill's Shirt


1878.png Black Jack Bill's Cowboy Shirt Body?
1876.png Black Jack Bill's Red and Black Boots Feet
1880.png Black Jack Bill's Two-gun Belt Waist


Battlefield Heroes - Desperados & Luchadores01:43

Battlefield Heroes - Desperados & Luchadores

Desperados & Luchadores

  • If you know the song Knights of Cydonia by Muse the soundtrack sounds very familiar. [1]
  • Black Jack Bill is commonly used name for characters in Western films.



  1. Western theme from promotion video

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