Desperados Alternate Highlight

The alternate Desperados came 21st May 2012. In the Wild West it’s every man for himself and every man should think twice before messing with El Hermoso! You can probably guess where Navaja Roja's nickname came from and if you don’t, trust us, you don’t want to find out!



El Hermoso's Set
Image Name Slot
1845.png El Hermoso's Sombrero Head
1846.png El Hermoso's Smokey Beard Face
1849.png El Hermoso's Scarf Neck
1852.png El Hermoso's Hairy Chest Body
1853.png El Hermoso's Vest and Knife Chest
1854.png El Hermoso's Leather Wraps Hands
1856.png El Hermoso's Leather Pants Legs
1857.png El Hermoso's Leather Boots Feet
1850.png El Hermoso's Ammo Belt Accessory
1855.png El Hermoso's Killing Tools Waist
1851.png El Hermoso's Hanging Sombrero Head
1847.png El Hermoso's Side Burns Face
1848.png El Hermoso's Cigarillo Face
1859.png El Hermoso's Chest Hair and Shirt Body
1858.png El Hermoso's Extra Boots Feet



Navaja Roja's Set
Image Name Slot
1808.png Navaja Roja's Hair Head
1871.png Navaja Roja's Nasty Beard Face
1804.png Navaja Roja's Tattoo and Scars Body
1874.png Navaja Roja's Vest Chest
1806.png Navaja Roja's Nasty Gloves Hands
1803.png Navaja Roja's Leather Pants Legs
1879.png Navaja Roja's Cowboy Boots Feet
1925.png Navaja Roja's Double Machetes Accessory
1807.png Navaja Roja's Knife Waist
1891.png Navaja Roja's Nasty Hat Head
1872.png Navaja Roja's Hat Head
1873.png Navaja Roja's Cowboy Hat Head
1805.png Navaja Roja's Other Boots Feet
1890.png Navaja Roja's Machete Waist


  • Navaja Roja's Machete was distributed through Captain Shop's Rarities, rather than normal Cowboy Supply Drops


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