Alternate versions of the old Easter Bunny sets from 2011, released as part of Halloween 2013.

These sets could only be acquired through supply drops.



Deranged Casey Set
Image Name Slot
10386.png Deranged Casey's Ears Head
10387.png Deranged Casey's Hockey Mask Face
10388.png Deranged Casey's Patched Armor Body
10389.png Deranged Casey's Brass Knuckles Hands
10390.png Deranged Casey's Patchwork Pants Legs
10392.png Deranged Casey's Tail Belt
10391.png Deranged Casey's Tools Belt



Demented Darko Set
Image Name Slot
10380.png Demented Darko's Mask Face
10381.png Demented Darko's Bowtie Neck
10382.png Demented Darko's Tuxedo Jacket Body
10383.png Demented Darko's Brass Knuckles Hands
10384.png Demented Darko's Tuxedo Pants Legs
10385.png Demented Darko's Tail Belt

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