Easter Enemies Highlight

These sets were released on 14th of April 2014 as 'evil' counterparts to easter sets.



Plucky Pete's Set
Image Name Slot
10478.png Plucky Pete's Chicken Head Head
10479.png Plucky Pete's Plucker Face
10480.png Plucky Pete's Feathers Body
10481.png Plucky Pete's Protection Chest
10482.png Plucky Pete's Feathers Legs
10490.png Plucky Pete's Chicken Feet Feet



Ricky Rooster's Set
Image Name Slot
10484.png Ricky Rooster's Rooster Head Head
10485.png Ricky Rooster's Plucker Face
10486.png Ricky Rooster's Feathers Body
10487.png Ricky Rooster's Protection Chest
10488.png Ricky Rooster's Legwear Legs
10491.png Ricky Rooster's Rooster Feet Feet


Bfh Easterenemiesbig

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