Halloween Egyptian Highlight

Halloween 2011 Anubis God has been delivered by ship to Perilous Port. Due an accident, the sarcophagus was dropped and the egyptian god was awakened. He killed the team and summoned his servants from their bodies. Soon the Pharaoh Mummy woke up to defend the village with his Slave Mummies. The fight begins...



The Slave Mummy
Image Name Slot
1495.png Slave Mummy's Crown Head
1496.png Slave Mummy's Face Face
1497.png Slave Mummy's Body Wrap Chest
1508.png Slave Mummy's Hand Wrap Hands
1499.png Slave Mummy's Leg Wrap Legs
1500.png Slave Mummy's Feet Feet
1498.png Slave Mummy's Scarab Belt Waist
5049.png Mummy Walk Emote



The Anubis Servant
Image Name Slot
1513.png Anubis' Servant Jackal Mask Head
1510.png Anubis' Servant Cosmetic Face
1514.png Anubis' Servant Apparel Chest
1486.png Anubis' Servant Covering Legs
1487.png Anubis' Servant Sandals Feet
1488.png Anubis' Servant Belt Waist
5050.png Anubis Worship Emote


The Heroes of Halloween 201102:19

The Heroes of Halloween 2011

Mummy and Anubis sets were suggested by Wixxi in the suggestion forum at Halloween 2010. Nowright, one year later, it finally had it's success.


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