The first release went along the original bundles. Beside the "exclusive" look they could only be obtained by buying the Halloween Supply Drops.



Pharaoh Mummy Set
Image Name Slot
1501.png Pharaoh Mummy's Nemes Head
1502.png Pharaoh Mummy's Skull Face
1503.png Pharaoh Mummy's Linen Shreds Chest
1509.png Pharaoh Mummy's Rot Fingers Hands
1505.png Pharaoh Mummy's Shendyt Legs
1506.png Pharaoh Mummy's Shins Feet
1504.png Pharaoh Mummy's Golden Scarab Waist
1507.png Scab the Scarab Accessory



Anubis' God Set
Image Name Slot
1490.png Anubis' God Jackal Head Head
1491.png Anubis' God Furry Figure Chest
1492.png Anubis' God Claws Hands
1493.png Anubis' God Paws Legs
1494.png Anubis' God Belt Waist
1489.png Sekhmet the Sphynx Accessory


The Heroes of Halloween 201102:19

The Heroes of Halloween 2011

  • Scab the Scarab and Sekhmet the Sphynx were included against their unofficial "rare" state in The Claw for short time at the beginning of 2012 and sold seperatly as Hot Deal after Halloween 2012.
  • They are from the same Halloween 2011 outfit suggestion.


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