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Dr. Pepper Sets October-December 2010

They were added to the client in Version 1.40 as the 4th quarter set and is believed to be the final round of Dr.Pepper Clothing.

7th March 2012 the long awaited return finally took place. Those who missed the promotion, have lived outside the US or somehow didn't manage to get a code, now had a chance to get their hand on these items.



Donald's Dress-White
Image Name Slot
1313.png Donald's Dress-White Jacket Chest
1317.png Donald's Dress-White Gloves Hands
1314.png Donald's Dress-White Pants Legs
1315.png Donald's Dress-White Shoes Feet
1316.png Donald's Dress-White Sword Waist



Fritz's Formal
Image Name Slot
1308.png Fritz's Formal Hat Head
1309.png Fritz's Formal Jacket Chest
1310.png Fritz's Formal Pants Legs
1311.png Fritz's Formal Boots Feet
1312.png Fritz's Formal Knife Waist


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