Knights Sets Highlight

According to the medieval theme of Knight Weapons and a new Map Fortress Frenzy, some new items were put in the store on 13th June 2012. Rares are available in treasure chests. Take a look at the according squire setsas well.



Dire Wolf Knight Set
Image Name Slot
975.png Dire Wolf's Knight Helmet Head
976.png Dire Wolf's Knight Armour Chest
995.png Dire Wolf's Knight Gloves Hand
977.png Dire Wolf's Knight Pants Legs
994.png Dire Wolf's Knight Boots Feet
996.png Dire Wolf's Knight Pauldrons Accessory
971.png Dire Wolf's Feathered Helmet Feet
970.png Dire Wolf's Plated Legs Feet
972.png Dire Wolf's Plated Pads Accessory
973.png Drayseen the Dragon Accessory



Lion Knight Set
Image Name Slot
601.png Lion's Knight Helmet Head
603.png Lion's Knight Armour Chest
606.png Lion's Knight Scale Gloves Hands
604.png Lion's Knight Scale Pants Legs
605.png Lion's Knight Scale Boots Feet
602.png Lion's Knight Pauldrons Accessory
607.png Lion's Knight Bladed Helmet Head
609.png Lion's Knight Heavy Plate Chest
608.png Lion's Knight Plated Pauldrons Accesorry
974.png Godor the Dragon Accessory


There's a couple of references to "Game of Thrones", that can be found here. For example the lion and dire wolf represent the houses Lannister and Stark.


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