Luchadors Highlight

Violent, bully and masked, the Luchadores or Luchardors wrestlers. As announced during the Desperados release, they followed soon on 30th May 2012.

Nobody knows who hides behind the glorious mask of El Nacho Dorado. All we know is that he is the reigning wrestling champion and he will not give up that title easily! El Diablo Rojo is a newcomer in the wrestling world, but he has gone undefeated on his way to the top and now he is here to take down El Nacho Dorado no matter what it takes!



El Nacho Dorado's Set
Image Name Slot
1789.png El Nacho Dorado's Mask Head
1790.png El Nacho Dorado's Elbowpads Head
1791.png El Nacho Dorado's Spandex Head
1792.png El Nacho Dorado's Cape Head
1793.png El Nacho Dorado's Boots Head
1794.png El Nacho Dorado's Champ Belt Head
1802.png El Nacho Dorado's Tattooed Body Head



El Diablo Rojo's Set
Image Name Slot
1795.png El Diablo Rojo's Mask Head
1796.png El Diablo Rojo's Studs Head
1797.png El Diablo Rojo's Spandex Head
1798.png El Diablo Rojo's Boots Head
1799.png El Diablo Rojo's Cape Head
1800.png El Diablo Rojo's Champ Belt Head
1801.png El Diablo Rojo's Tattooed Body Head


  • In Spanish, Luchadore means Wrestler.


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