Monsters Slayers Royal Highlight Monsters Slayers National Highlight

Sharpen your swords and crossbows, as Monster swarms are attacking the world of Heroes, and Monster Slayers are here to stop it! The monster clearance happened 13th June 2013 and continued until 17th of July. The sets came also with new, De-buff Launchers to ensure that Monsters will never escape!



Shade Hunter's Set
Image Name Slot
10246.png Hat of Pilgrimage Head
10238.png Shade Hunter's Beard Face
10250.png Shade Hunter's Scarf Neck
10240.png Shade Hunter Tattoo Body
10233.png Shade Hunter's Coat Chest
10247.png Smudged Shade Hunter's Coat Chest
10234.png Shade Hunter's Gloves Hands
10239.png Shade Hunter's Pants Legs
10236.png Shade Hunter's Boots Feet
10237.png Shade Hunter's Necessities Accessory
10235.png Shade Hunter's Belt Waist
10225.png Shady Fibula Accessory



Occult Assassin's Set
Image Name Slot
10226.png Occult Assassin's Hat Head
10249.png Occult Assassin's Hairdo Head
10241.png Occult Assassin's Tattoo Body
10227.png Occult Assassin's Jacket Chest
10248.png Worn Occult Assassin's Coat Chest
10232.png Occult Assassin's Gloves Hands
10228.png Occult Assassin's Trousers Legs
10229.png Occult Assassin's Boots Feet
10231.png Occult Assassin's Essentials Accessory
10230.png Occult Assassin's Belt Waist
10224.png Occultist's Brooch Accessory


Battlefield Heroes - Monster Slayers01:39

Battlefield Heroes - Monster Slayers



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