Monster Highlight

Monsters are crawling again! Together with these brand new sets, shown at 15th May 2013 and released via Supply Drops in the Premium Store, the classic Halloween sets escaped the Vault and settled in the new Inland Invasion night. Each set is available in supply drops, normal ones costing 999 Funds and Bizzare and Fangtastic 1 499 Funds.


Mutant's Bizarre Set
Image Name Slot
10186.png Mutant's Bizarre Body Chest
10187.png Mutant's Bizarre Legs Legs
10188.png Mutant's Bizarre Hands Hands
10189.png Mutant's Bizarre Head Neck
10190.png Mutant's Bizarre Club Accessory
Mutant Set
10216.png Mutant's Head Neck
10217.png Mutant's Dandy Jacket Chest
10218.png Mutant's Pants Legs
10219.png Mutant's Shoes Feet
10220.png Mutant's Belt Waist
10221.png Mutant's Shoulder Guard Accessory
10222.png Mutant's Hands Hands
10215.png Mutant Medal Accessory


Nightwatcher's Fangtastic Set
Image Name Slot
10210.png Nightwatcher's Fangtastic Head Neck
10223.png Nightwatcher's Fangtastic Shirt Body
10207.png Nightwatcher's Fangtastic Jacket Chest
10209.png Nightwatcher's Fangtastic Hands Hands
10208.png Nightwatcher's Fangtastic Legs Legs
10211.png Nightwatcher's Fangtastic Wings Accessory
10212.png Nightwatcher's Fangtastic Belt Waist
Nightwatcher's Set
10196.png Nightwatcher's Head Neck
10201.png Nightwatcher's Scarf Neck
10213.png Nighwatcher's Head and Scarf Neck
10197.png Nightwatcher's Classy Jacket Chest
10198.png Nightwatcher's Hands Hands
10199.png Nightwatcher's Trousers Legs
10200.png Nightwatcher's Shoes Feet
10214.png Nightwatch Signet Accessory


Battlefield Heroes - Monsters01:24

Battlefield Heroes - Monsters


  • In the trailer, it is said, that drinking too much tonics causes the hero to mutate. This does not work in-game, however.
  • The National set has a background story but the royals doesn't. Yet.
  • The only hint about Royal monster is the part from Bizzare Creation introduction, wich says: They come from outer space, saw the Battlefield dvided into the two factions and decided to support Royals against the Nationals as a part of their expansion plan. This implies that mutant's Bizzare set is not a mutated human, but an actual mutated alien.
  • The royal sets are based of a group of people who mutated into mutants then the bizzare set is a group of mutated aliens.
  • Unlike the royal sets the national's are based of one person who mutates in to the night watcher then further mutated into the nightwatcher's fangtastic set.
  • It seems that the monster designs where isnpired by cult/classic horror movies: the Royal's monster design is inspired by the Toxic Avenger, while the National Moster's design can be traced back to Nosferatu.


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