NativeAmericans bg

The native indians arrived on 5th of February 2014. Brave slinky's set comes with Horse emote.



Chieftain Bahto's Set
Image Name Slot
10452.png Chieftain Bahto's Ponytail Head
10453.png Chieftain Bahto's Piercings Face
10451.png Chieftain Bahto's Warpaint Body
10473.png Chieftain Bahto's Cover Chest
10474.png Chieftain Bahto's Skirt Legs
10475.png Chieftain Bahto's Moccasins Feet
10477.png Chieftain Bahto's Quiver Accessory



Brave Slinky's Set
Image Name Slot
10441.png Brave Slinky's War Bonnet Head
10442.png Brave Slinky's War Paint Face
10461.png Brave Slinky's War Vest Chest
10462.png Brave Slinky's War Skirt Legs
10463.png Brave Slinky's Moccasins Feet
10476.png Brave Slinky's Quiver Accessory


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