NFSW Sets Highlight

Already known as the reward for "loyal" battlefield heroes players from an older newsletter. On still unknown criterias some players were given unlimited sets while others had to be satisfied with 3 day trial codes. Later it was claimed being a test run for sending out different E-Mails based on certain criterias.



NFS Racer’s Set
Image Name Slot
997.png NFS Racer's Helmet Head
1066.png NFS Racer's Jacket Chest
1073.png NFS Racer's Pants Legs
1283.png NFS Racer's Shoes Feet
1297.png NFS Racer's Gloves Hands
1367.png NFS Racer's Backpack Accessory



NFS Overtaker’s Set
Image Name Slot
1385.png NFS Overtaker's Helmet Head
1676.png NFS Overtaker's Jacket Chest
1677.png NFS Overtaker's Pants Legs
1683.png NFS Overtaker's Shoes Feet
1684.png NFS Overtaker's Gloves Hands
1685.png NFS Overtaker's Backpack Accessory


  • In Need for Speed World a royal and a national SUV were intruduced as part of this crosspromotion.


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