Pumpkin and Skeleton Highlight

Halloween 2012 delivered the most new sets and items ever during this time period. The Pumpkin and Skeleton were the second set after the Demons.



Ichabod's Twisted Set
Image Name Slot
787.png Ichabod's Twisted Pumpkin Head
786.png Ichabod's Twisted Torso Chest
784.png Ichabod's Twisted Hands Hands
785.png Ichabod's Twisted Legs Legs
783.png Ichabod's Twisted Feet Feet
770.png Ichabod's Twisted Rotten Head Head
1927.png Ichabod's Twisted Skeletal Head Neck
769.png Pepo the Pumpkin Accessory



Reaper's Skeletal Set
Image Name Slot
792.png Reaper's Skeletal Skull Neck
791.png Reaper's Skeletal Torso Chest
789.png Reaper's Skeletal Hands Hands
790.png Reaper's Skeletal Legs Legs
788.png Reaper's Skeletal Feet Feet
772.png Reaper's Skeletal Eye-Skull Neck
773.png Reaper's Skeletal Bulldog Skull Neck
768.png Bogdan the Bloodwing Accessory


  • The pumpkin has a very bone like and hard edged structure despite it's natural vegetable body.
  • The skeleton is a realistic version of the long known and very popular Skeleton suit.
  • Bodgan the bloodwing and Pepo the Pumpkin were only available as Top-up Gifts for 120K funds, and then added in a Deal of the Day during 2013.


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