Punk Heroes Highlight

The male counterparts to the Punk Heroines. The royal bundle contains a new "1337" emote, so it's first time that there's a uneven amount of Emotes. The Hell Trooper is a darker and more fierce looking version of the Acesuit.



Leet Hero Set
Image Name Slot
1355.png Leet Hero's Goggles Face
1358.png Leet Hero's Dog Tag Neck
1351.png Leet Hero's Shirt & Ink Body
1354.png Leet Hero's Sweat Band Hands
1352.png Leet Hero's Pants Legs
1353.png Leet Hero's Shoes Feet
1356.png Leet Hero's Vest Accessory
1357.png Leet Hero's Holster Waist
5042.png Leet Emote Emote



Hell Trooper Set
Image Name Slot
1347.png Hell Trooper's Helmet Head
1348.png Hell Trooper's Gas Mask Face
1343.png Hell Trooper's Coat Chest
1346.png Hell Trooper's Gloves Hands
1344.png Hell Trooper's Pants Legs
1345.png Hell Trooper's Boots Feet
1349.png Hell Trooper's Life Support Accessory
1350.png Hell Trooper's Gear Waist


  • The name origin of the Leet Hero set is quite obvious: Leet.
  • This wacky clothing represents the most likely Heroes style and got a good community feedback for that.
  • The clothing may be influenced by the multiplayer game "Brink".
  • The Hell Trooper looks familiar to NCR Rangers from Fallout Vegas, Fallout 3 or Helghast Soldiers from Killzone.
  • There is a sequence to this update, named Punk Heroes 2, bringing 2 new sets, and 2 new supply drops, along with new, and creative weaponry.


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