Punk Heroes 2 Highlight

After 14th November 2012 another bunch of Punk Heroes clothes was put in the store and contemplated as second sequel of the original sets. No new Punk Heroines this time but Hoaxer and Hell Gawd have some other male companions called Hoaxer and Liberator.



Hoaxer Hero Set
Image Name Slot
1949.png Hoaxer Hero's Mohawk Head
1950.png Hoaxer Hero's Goggles Face
1952.png Hoaxer Hero's Shirt Body
1951.png Hoaxer Hero's Jacket Chest
1956.png Hoaxer Hero's Gloves Hands
1955.png Hoaxer Hero's Pants Legs
1957.png Hoaxer Hero's Boots Feet
1953.png Hoaxer Hero's Strap Accessory
1954.png Hoaxer Hero's Ammo Waist



Hell Trooper Set
Image Name Slot
1932.png Hell Gawd's Cap Head
1933.png Hell Gawd's Mask Face
1935.png Hell Gawd's Lord Coat Chest
1936.png Hell Gawd's Gloves Hands
1934.png Hell Gawd's Trousers Legs
1937.png Hell Gawd's Feet Feet
1941.png Hell Gawd's Backpack Accessory
1940.png Hell Gawd's Belt Waist
1939.png Hell Gawd's Lord Helmet Head
1938.png Hell Gawd's Lord Mask Face


Battlefield Heroes - Punk Heroes 201:33

Battlefield Heroes - Punk Heroes 2

Sucker Punch Commander
  • Two well done Steam Punk outfits that fit perfectly into the first theme. The Royal outfit has some aspects of Wasteland Heroes while the National one could be inspired by the Sucker Punch Commander.


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