Punk Heroes 2 Alternate Top Up Highlight

These fellows of Hoaxer and Hell Gawd came in form of MegaCorps Supply Drops after the 20th November 2012.



Hotshot's Set
Image Name Slot
1958.png Hotshot's Aero Cap Head
1967.png Hotshot's Beret Head
1959.png Hotshot's Aero Mask Face
1960.png Hotshot's Aero Jacket Chest
1964.png Hotshot's Gloves Hands
1963.png Hotshot's Pants Legs
1965.png Hotshot's Boots Feet
1961.png Hotshot's Aero Armor Accessory
1966.png Hotshot's Thingamabob Acessorry
1962.png Hotshot's Holster Waist



Liberator's Set
Image Name Slot
1942.png Liberator's Vigor Mask Face
1943.png Liberator's Vigor Armor Chest
1944.png Liberator's Gloves Hands
1946.png Liberator's Trousers Legs
1947.png Liberator's Boots Feet
1948.png Liberator's Vigor Insert Accessory
1945.png Liberator's Gear Waist


Battlefield Heroes - Punk Heroes 201:33

Battlefield Heroes - Punk Heroes 2


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