Punk Heroes Highlight

The first female items ever and male counterparts to the Punk Heroes. These sets are single items and cannot be combined with other clothing. The other items won't show up, because there are only male items, which would result in display issues with a female body. The bundles contained a Grenade Launcher.



Punk Girl Set
Image Name Slot
1359.png Punk Girl Set Chest



Black Widow Set
Image Name Slot
1360.png Black Widow Set Chest


Battlefield Heroes - Punk Heroes01:49

Battlefield Heroes - Punk Heroes

Punk Heroes

  • One reason for the release of the female heroes after almost 2 years, could have been the action film Sucker Punch being released at around the same time.
  • The singers Pink and Lady Gaga were inspiration to the developers for the Punk Girl and Black Widow set.


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