Robot v2 Royal HighlightRobot v2 National Highlight

Second episode of the Robots released after the 16th January 2013. New Robotic Weapons were announced as well and can be customized with the latest Weapon Customizations v2.



Maximus' Mech Set
Image Name Slot
1997.png Maximus' Mech Head Neck
10013.png Maximus' Mech Body Chest
1998.png Maximus' Mech Hands Hands
1999.png Maximus' Mech Legs Legs
10014.png Maximus' Mech Feet Feet
Maximus' SuperMech
10001.png Maximus' SuperMech Head Neck
10005.png Maximus' SuperMech Body Chest
10002.png Maximus' SuperMech Hands Hands
10003.png Maximus' SuperMech Legs Legs
10004.png Maximus' SuperMech Feet Feet
10024.png Maximus' Mech Prime Head Neck
10012.png Bart the Bear Accessory
10028.png Royal Robotic Medal Accessory



Primus' Droid Set
Image Name Slot
10006.png Primus' Droid Head Neck
10010.png Primus' Droid Body Chest
10007.png Primus' Droid Hands Hands
10008.png Primus' Droid Legs Legs
10009.png Primus' Droid Feet Feet
Primus' Uberdroid
10019.png Primus' Uberdroid Head Neck
10020.png Primus' Uberdroid Hands Hands
10021.png Primus' Uberdroid Legs Legs
10022.png Primus' Uberdroid Feet Feet
10023.png Primus' Uberdroid Body Chest
10025.png Primus' Supreme Head Neck
10011.png Squiggle's the Squirrel Accessory
10027.png National Robotic Medal Accessory


Battlefield Heroes - Robots v202:28

Battlefield Heroes - Robots v2

Robots V2

  • A couple of easter eggs were found in the website background image, one of them indicating aliens.
  • The binary code in the trailer can be translated to "Malkovich".
  • The whole theme and the names Primus and Maximus are related to the well known Transfomers Optimus Prime and his enemy Megatron.
  • The Robots skin is based on Red Galactic and Green Spaceman sets.
  • Uberdroid and SuperMech sets are based on Uber/Super weapons.
  • The medals were not sold along with the set, but handed out to those who were active during the release time.

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