The Thor's Turbojet outfit and its counterpart, the Rippin' Rocket outfit, were originally released back in July 2009 to those that bought issues of several European PC magazines in form of a promotion with redeem codes. Each issue contained another code for one single item out of the two sets and 700 additionally Battlefunds.

Both sets were made available for battlefunds in April 2010 in conjunction with the V2 Vengeance/Midnight Mayhem Update. This update also contained a jet pack widget called, Sarge's Experimental Fuel, which could only be used with the Thor's Turbojet or Rippin' Rocket equipped. Short time later two another rocketeer sets followed: Steiner's Stratospheric and Sidney's Skyranger Set



Rippin' Rocket Set
Image Name Slot
561.png Rippin' Rocket Helmet Head
578.png Rippin' Rocket Face Protector Face
530.png Rippin' Rocket Jacket Chest
532.png Rippin' Rocket Gloves Hands
534.png Rippin' Rocket Pants Legs
531.png Rippin' Rocket Boots Feet
589.png Rippin' Rocket Pack Accessory
139.png Rippin' Rocket Holster Waist
2155.png Sarge's Experimental Rocket Fuel Widget



Thor's Turbojet Set
Image Name Slot
542.png Thor's Turbojet Helmet Head
593.png Thor's Turbojet Face Protector Face
545.png Thor's Turbojet Jacket Chest
547.png Thor's Turbojet Gloves Hands
548.png Thor's Turbojet Pants Legs
546.png Thor's Turbojet Boots Feet
597.png Thor's Turbojet Accessory
136.png Thor's Turbojet Holster Waist
2158.png Sarge's Experimental Turbojet Fuel Widget


  • The Thor's' Turbojet set tried to imitate the Darth Vader Suit from Star Wars, but it isn't an exact copy to avoid copyright conflicts with Lucas Arts.
  • The Rippin' Rocket set is somewhat based off of the The Rocketeer.
  • To avoid too much payed advantage the rocket packs were sold separately as well so you're able to do the jumps without the full bundle, too.

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