They were released short time after the original suits .



Sidney's Skyranger Set
Image Name Slot
1211.png Sidney's Skyranger Safety Head
1212.png Sidney's Skyranger Vest Chest
1221.png Sidney's Skyranger Gloves Hands
1213.png Sidney's Skyranger Pants Legs
1214.png Sidney's Skyranger Boots Feet
1215.png Sidney's Skyranger Holster Waist
2155.png Sarge's Experimental Rocket Fuel Widget



Steiner's Stratospheric Set
Image Name Slot
1216.png Steiner's Stratospheric Protector Head
1217.png Steiner's Stratospheric Jacket Chest
1222.png Steiner's Stratospheric Gloves Hands
1218.png Steiner's Stratospheric Legs Legs
1219.png Steiner's Stratospheric Boots Feet
1220.png Steiner's Stratospheric Holster Waist
2158.png Sarge's Experimental Turbojet Fuel Widget


If you haven't got the rocket pack unlimited in the original suits already, the alternate also were available with them.



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