Savage Heroes Highlight

The fourth and most likely last part of the Summer Of Heroes Campaign.



Cruel Barbarian Set
Image Name Slot
1443.png Cruel Barbarian's Tail Head
1447.png Cruel Barbarian's Beard Face
1446.png Cruel Barbarian's Tribal Body
1445.png Cruel Barbarian's Girdle Chest
1442.png Cruel Barbarian's Skirt Legs
1441.png Cruel Barbarian's Boots Feet
5044.png Barbarian's Wrath Emote

Royal Cruel Spoils of WarEdit

Cruel Spoils of War can contain rare pieces of the Cruel Barbarian Set as well as pieces of the old unreleased Grondolf's Barbarian Set!


1451.png Cruel Barbarian's Ox-Head Head
1454.png Cruel Barbarian's Harness Chest
1450.png Cruel Barbarian's Wrist Wrap Hands
1449.png Cruel Barbarian's Leg Plates Legs
1448.png Cruel Barbarian's Battle Boots Feet
1452.png Cruel Barbarian's Bumper Accessory
1444.png Cruel Barbarian's Hero Sword Accessory



Brutal Ravager Set
Image Name Slot
1457.png Brutal Ravager's Hair Wisp Head
1462.png Brutal Ravager's Dead Eye Face
1461.png Brutal Ravager's Scars Tissue Body
1458.png Brutal Ravager's Plate Chest
1456.png Brutal Ravager's Scales Legs
1455.png Brutal Ravager's Shin Guards Feet
1460.png Brutal Ravager's Brutal Blade Waist
5045.png Ravager's Cry Emote

National Brutal Spoils of WarEdit

Brutal Spoils of War contains a rare piece of the Brutal Ravager Set!


1465.png Brutal Ravager's Bullhead Head
1466.png Brutal Ravager's War Plate Chest
1464.png Brutal Ravager's Mail Legs Legs
1463.png Brutal Ravager's Shin Plates Feet
1467.png Brutal Ravager's Fir Shield Accessory
1459.png Brutal Ravager's War Axes Accessory
1453.png Brutal Ravager's Raving Blade Waist


Summer of Heroes - Savage Heroes01:46

Summer of Heroes - Savage Heroes

Savage Heroes

  • TPangolin made a nice list of references about the Cruel Barbarian and Brutal Ravager on the official forum[1]
  • The Cruel Barbarian's Ox-Head and Brutal Ravager's Bullhead were put as special items in The Claw to attract more players buying additional rounds. This happened around December 2011/January 2012, and ranked down the rare state of these two items drastically.[2]
  • Brutal Ravager's War axes and Cruel Barbarian's Sword have been put in the normal bundles in 10.4.2013, probably to attract buyers. Like Ox-Heads and Bullheads, these two items rare state have even more drastically decreased, since they are available in Hot Deals.



  1. Complete List of Game of Thrones References
  2. BFH_now_in_the_claw_en.jpg

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