Royal Snowboarder HighlightNational Snowboarder Highlight

Snow Surfer was released on 26th December 2012 and the Slope Hunter followed two days later on the 28th. The according weapons series would be the Hot and Cold Weapons.



Snow Surfer's Set
Image Name Slot
1991.png Snow Surfer's Helmet Head
1984.png Snow Surfer's Goggles Face
1995.png Snow Surfer's Winter Jacket Chest
1989.png Snow Surfer's Gloves Hands
1986.png Snow Surfer's Kit Accessory
1996.png Snow Surfer's Winter Pants Legs
1988.png Snow Surfer's Boots Feet
1983.png Snow Surfer's Head Gear Head
1993.png Snow Surfer's Dreadlocks Head
1992.png Snow Surfer's Bandana Face
1985.png Snow Surfer's Jacket Chest
1990.png Snow Surfer's Open Vest Chest
1994.png Snow Surfer's Protective Gloves Hands
1987.png Snow Surfer's Pants Legs



Slope Hunter's Set
Image Name Slot
1975.png Slope Hunter's Goggles Head
1974.png Slope Hunter's Balaclava Face
1982.png Slope Hunter's Jacket Chest
1970.png Slope Hunter's Gloves Hands
1969.png Slope Hunter's Pants Legs
1973.png Slope Hunter's Boots Feet
1971.png Slope Hunter's Spine Accessory
1972.png Slope Hunter's Holster Waist
1977.png Slope Hunter's Helmet Head
1979.png Slope Hunter's Hair Style Head
1976.png Slope Hunter's Body Armor Chest
1980.png Slope Hunter's Winter Jacket Chest
1978.png Slope Hunter's Elite Gloves Hands
1981.png Slope Hunter's Winter Pants Legs


  • Snow Surfer's Open Vest, Snow Surfer's Bandana, Snow Surfer's Dreadlocks, Snow Surfer's Protective Gloves, Slope Hunter's Body Armor, Slope Hunter's Helmet and Slope Hunter's Elite Gloves could by obtained as top funding gift.
  • Snow Surfer's jacket, Snow Surfer's pants and Snow Surfer's headgear, were originally planned to hot deals, but later it was misplaced with Snow Surfer's Winter jacket, pants and Snow Surfer's helmet.


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