Space Gear Highlight

Futuristic Space Gear released in conjunction with the release of Lunar Landing (CTF) and the Astronauts.



Space Explorer's Set
Image Name Slot
1715.png Space Explorer's Hairstyle Head
1716.png Space Explorer's Uniform Chest
1717.png Space Explorer's Trousers Hands
1718.png Space Explorer's Shoes Feet



Space Seeker's Set
Image Name Slot
1719.png Space Seeker's Hairstyle Head
1720.png Space Seeker's Uniform Chest
1721.png Space Seeker's Trousers Hands
1722.png Space Seeker's Shoes Feet


  • Star Trek is on the run. Captain Kirk (Royal) and Commander Spock (National) serve as addon for the moon theme on Lunar Landing.
  • The theme in general had historical parts of the famous Space Race.


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