First introduced on 19th February 2013 as Top Up Gifts. Beside a frontpage hightlight in a rotation, no advertising was given at all, so it was one of the least or even the least promoted complete new set of all time in Heroes history.

The precidious returning Astronauts and the following new Aliens put it in a well fitting theme though.


Stargazer's Set
Image Name Slot
10057.png Stargazer's Astro Coif Head
10053.png Stargazer's Space Jacket Chest
10056.png Stargazer's Gloves Hands
10054.png Stargazer's Pants Legs
10055.png Stargazer's Boots Feet
10071.png Stargazer's Belt Waist


Dizzy Dave's Set
Image Name Slot
10031.png Dizzy Dave's Nova Hair Head
10034.png Dizzy Dave's Space Jacket Chest
10032.png Dizzy Dave's Gloves Hands
10033.png Dizzy Dave's Pants Legs
10029.png Dizzy Dave's Lunar Boots Feet
10030.png Dizzy Dave's Cape Accessory


  • All the glitter has a touch of Starlight Express.

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