Released during Halloween 2013. Both sets are based on community suggestions.



Grimaldi's Hysterical set
Image Name Slot
10372.png Grimaldi's Hysterical Hair Head
10376.png Grimaldi's Hysterical Makeup Face
10375.png Grimaldi's Hysterical Jacket Chest
10378.png Grimaldi's Hysterical Collar Neck
10373.png Grimaldi's Hysterical Pants Legs
10374.png Grimaldi's Hysterical Slippers Feet
10377.png Brooding Bear Accessory
Treasure Chest Rares
10379.png Billy the Bomb Bear Accessory
10393.png Undead Billy the Bomb Bear Accessory



Mr. Rag's Weathered Set
Image Name Slot
10396.png Mr. Rag's Weathered Head Face
10403.png Mr. Rag's Weathered Noose Neck
10397.png Mr. Rag's Weathered Rags Body
10398.png Mr. Rag's Weathered Hands Hands
10399.png Mr. Rag's Weathered Pants Legs
10400.png Mr. Rag's Weathered Boots Feet
10402.png Mr. Rag's Weathered Belt Belt
10401.png Creeping Crow Accessory


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