Squires Sets Highlight

Medival squire sets that came along the Knight sets.



Dire Wolf Squire Set
Image Name Slot
552.png Dire Wolf's Squire Helmet Head
553.png Dire Wolf's Squire Cuiras Chest
554.png Dire Wolf's Squire Gloves Hands
555.png Dire Wolf's Squire Pants Legs
556.png Dire Wolf's Squire Fur Boots Feet



Lion Squire Set
Image Name Slot
557.png Lion's Squire Helm Head
558.png Lion's Squire Studded Leather Head
559.png Lion's Squire Leather Wraps Chest
599.png Lion's Squire Pants Legs
600.png Lion's Squire Leather Boots Feet


  • There's a couple of references to "Game of Thrones".[1]. For example the lion and dire wolf represent the houses Lannister and Stark.



  1. Complete List of Game of Thrones References

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