Steampunk Heroes

Steampunk is the third punk theme after Punk Heroes and Punk Heroes 2. The items were released on 17th April 2013.


Abe's Set
Image Name Slot
10167.png Abe's Face Face
10111.png Abe's Facial Hair Face
10112.png Abe's Eyeglass Face
10116.png Abe's Scarf Neck
10110.png Abe's Hands Hands
10107.png Abe's Pants Legs
10106.png Abe's Boots Feet
10109.png Abe's Belt Waist
Abe's Mission Set
10113.png Abe's Mission Gear Head
10115.png Abe's Goggles Face
10108.png Abe's Mission Jacket Chest
10117.png Abe's Steamer Accessory
Abe's Masterwork Set
10120.png Abe's Masterwork Top Hat Head
10165.png Masterwork Dreadlocks Head
10163.png Super Masterwork Monocle Face
10127.png Abe's Masterwork Face Face
10119.png Abe's Masterwork Fringe Face
10126.png Abe's Masterwork Goggles Face
10161.png Masterwork Moustache Face
10124.png Abe's Masterwork Jacket Chest
10123.png Abe's Masterwork Jacket Mark II Chest
10121.png Abe's Masterwork Hands Hands
10122.png Abe's Masterwork Trousers Legs
10118.png Abe's Masterwork Boots Feet
10125.png Abe's Masterwork Accessory
10114.png Abe's Explorer Hat Head
10164.png Head-in-cage Neck
10162.png Steam Diver Bell Helmet Head
10166.png Cam the Cuckoo Accessory
10168.png Masterwork Medal Accessory


Clint's Set
Image Name Slot
10147.png Clint's Goggles Face
10145.png Clint's Gloves Hands
10146.png Clint's Pants Legs
10142.png Clint's Boots Feet
10148.png Clint's Belt Waist
Clint's Cruisader Set
10144.png Clint's Crusader Helmet Head
10143.png Clint's Crusader Jacket Jacket
10152.png Clint's Mechanical Ticker Accessory
10149.png Clint's Crusader Sword Waist
10150.png Clint's Hanging Jacket Waist
10151.png Clint's Crusader Gear Waist
Clint's Clockwork Set
10130.png Clint's Clockwork Headdress Head
10157.png Uber Clockwork Monocle Face
10138.png Clint's Clockwork Face Face
10137.png Clint's Clockwork Monocle Face
10155.png Clockwork Moustache Face
10129.png Clint's Clockwork Beard Face
10135.png Clint's Clockwork Uniform Chest
10134.png Clint's Clockwork Uniform Mark II Chest
10131.png Clint's Clockwork Gloves Hands
10132.png Clint's White Clockwork Gloves Hands
10133.png Clint's Clockwork Trousers Legs
10128.png Clint's Clockwork Boots Feet
10136.png Clint's Clockwork Accessory
10141.png Clint's Clockwork Gear Waist
10139.png Clint's Clockwork Belt Waist
10140.png Clint's Clockwork Shield Waist
10158.png Wind Up Button Accessory
10160.png Clockwork Wings Accessory
10156.png Steam Diving Helmet Head
10159.png Jackie the Wasp Accessory
10169.png Clockwork Medal Accessory


  • Abe's Masterwork Set and pieces are based on Abe Lincoln, which was the United States of America's 16th President. Lincoln is often an inspiration for Steampunk clothing, because of his appearence during the 19th century, which is the era where Steampunk is associated.
  • The Wind-Up-Button gives hero who is wearing it joints, on various places on the body.
  • Steampunk release brought another medal, denying the promised special reward for owners of all 3 medals.
  • Steam diver helmets are obviously based on Dagmar's Diver Helmet and Diver Bell Helmet


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